Thursday, October 15, 2015

RELEASE DAY BLITZ: The Doll Making Delta

Doll Making 101

Reneé Edward has a lot on her plate. She took over as President of the Reneé-Gal company from her father a few months ago. Just in time for a merger with a new parent company. As if that timing was not bad enough she finds out several Junior Executives have been ruining the merger from within.  Just as she is scrambling to pick up the pieces, Ruben Blackthorne strolls into her life. He is sexy, tall and clearly into her. Though she is excited about this new development in her love life Reneé finds it a little hard to juggle the new addition. As everything in her life finally seems to fall into place for the first time in almost a year Reneé finds herself confused as Ruben begins to pull away. Had she imagined their connection? Were things moving too fast? Lost and confused, at least she has her family and her fellow Deltas to get her through. 
 That is until everything takes another unexpected turn.

Get into the Delta
"Okay, sip and spill. What kept you away for the better part of a week?" Naomi asked before tipping her cup to her mouth.
Sighing Reneé unwrapped her sandwich. "You remember how Uncle James and I couldn't figure out why there were all these hang ups with the negotiations right?"
Naomi's eyes grew cautious and narrowed as she nodded over her mug.
"Well as it turns out three of our junior board members were sending emails sabotaging the merger. They claimed I was holding on to information to sweeten the deal for our side. They also said that they could, with help, oust me and make a more agreeable deal."
Naomi's eyes widened as she set down her mug. "Wait, what? Isn't that illegal or something? Are you going to sue them? Can you save the deal? How did you find out?"
The shocked disbelieve from her friend made Reneé feel better. It made her feel like she wasn't losing her mind to have someone as upset as she was. Uncle James had seemed more downtrodden than upset.
"One of their assistants got wind of what was going on and clued in Debbie. You know how she gets about finding information. She found the email correspondence between these guys and our soon to be parent company. When Debbie showed the emails to Uncle James and I we fired them. As for suing, I don’t know. Our lawyers are handling it.
We think the deal may be salvageable but they are sending in one of their acquisitions and negotiations guys to do the rest in person. That way there can be no mistakes. Uncle James is all for this. He says the guy they are sending is the same one that approached him and Dad years ago. That he is a trustworthy guy. I still don't know. While I appreciate that they still want to negotiate it almost feels like I am being chastised for not having a better handle on the board." Some of the stress crept back in as Reneé finished.
Smiling sympathetically, Naomi reached across the counter to squeeze her hand. "I'm sorry you have to deal with all this. But it is going to get easier right? I mean once this thing goes though your load will be lighter. There are maybe six months left, yes a hard six months but there is light at the end of the tunnel." She gave another squeeze before letting go and grabbing her cup again. "Now eat your sandwich!"
Rolling her eyes Reneé complied, knowing full well Naomi wouldn't let her talk again until at least half the sandwich was gone.
They sat in a companionable silence for several minutes when the bell above the door rang several times. When one particular time Reneé saw Naomi's face light up she turned to see who entered. Then it was like she stopped breathing.


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