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Be My Banshee (Purple Door Detective Agency #1) by Joyce and Jim Lavene

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Synopsis: The Purple Door Detective Agency is hiring. 
Those without magic need not apply. 
Salary commensurate with experience. 
Apply at the agency. No phone calls or psychic links. 

Sunshine Merryweather is a young witch with a passion for colorful clothes and good food. She is the owner/operator of the Purple Door Detective Agency. Her partner, John, was brutally murdered three days ago, and she won’t stop until she finds his killer. 
Aine is only interested in one thing when she walks into the building with the purple door–locating the last man alive in the branch of the O’Neill family she haunts as a beane sidhe. She has been asleep for 200 years in a ruined Irish castle and realizes that the world has moved on without her. She needs to find the O’Neill heir and encourage him to start a family or she will pass from existence when he dies. 
Sunshine sees a potential partner when she looks at the powerful beane sidhe - they could be the next Dynamic Duo! But Aine isn’t interested in Sunshine’s schemes - until the witch agrees to help her locate O’Neill. Even then, it will be a short-term association at best from Aine’s point of view. She has no need of witchcraft. 
Neither woman is aware of the danger they face as an ancient assassin stalks the old port city of Norfolk, Virginia. It will take more than simple witchcraft or beane sidhe magic to stop the killer. They will have to work together and combine their talents. 
But can Sunshine and Aine put aside their differences to stop the murders without tearing each other apart? 

Review: The Lavenes have done it again--created another fun paranormal mystery series. We're given some enjoyable new characters to get to know, among them Sunshine, Aine, Jane and Mr. Bad. And as they are a detective agency dedicated to helping out "supernatural" clients, there are obviously going to be many more interesting cases to come.

My favorite character after this book is Jane, the receptionist for the agency. Jane is a shape-shifter--a mouse who shifts into a young woman, thanks to an "accident" of Sunny's in the past. In human form, Jane still has mouse-like traits, which are very endearing. (As someone who was called "Mouse" throughout junior and senior high school, I can relate!)

This is a book that you'll want to make sure you have time to read in one sitting, as you won't want to put it down once you start. I'm already anxious to read the next one!

Rating: Five stars

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