My Book Review Policy

 My policy for book reviews is to give honest, sometimes critical, but always polite reviews.  All reviews are 100% my personal opinions and I am not compensated in any way for reviews. 

I accept books from publishers and authors for review. I also take part in select book tours, as well.

What I Enjoy Reading and Reviewing:

  • Cozy mysteries
  • Thrillers/suspense
  • True crime
  • Young adult fiction
  • Amish fiction
  • Inspirational fiction
  • Poetry
  • Picture books
  • Chick lit
  • Biographies/memoirs, especially those related to breast cancer or other cancers
  • Christian non-fiction
  • Some dystopia

What I Will Turn Down:

  • Erotica
  • Harlequin-type romance novels
  • Gore and/or excessive violence
  • Excessive profanity
  • Most science fiction
  • Political nonfiction
  • Westerns

What You Can Expect To See In My Review:

  • Photo of the book cover
  • Book Title
  • Author's name
  • Summary of the book
  • My personal review of the book
  • My rating of the book on a 0-5 star scale

My Review Scale:
Zero stars: Could not finish, or had some sort of issue with the work. It generally means I found something in the story personally troubling, or that there are a plethora of grammatical errors. Zero ratings are rarely given.

One star: I simply did not like it. Other people may enjoy it, but it is just not my style. I will offer constructive criticism of the work and try not to be inflammatory or overly negative.

Two stars: It has potential. However, it is just "okay." I was not inspired by it.

Three stars: Entertaining but not fabulous. I would recommend other readers checking it out at the library, or buying it used, but would not recommend paying full price for it.

Four stars:  Fabulous but not quite awesome. Well-written and well thought out, but not necessarily something that I think will stay with me forever, or that I'll want to read again and again. 

Five stars: Absolutely awesome--the best there are. These are books I'll keep in a place of honor, reading over and over, and will recommend to everyone I know.

Review Time:
I do my best to read and review books in approximately two weeks, although if I have tour obligations it may take longer--a fact which I will make clear at the time you contact me.

Where I Post Reviews:
  • Amazon
  • Goodreads
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Books A Million
  • Half Price Books
  • This blog
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Other sites as requested

Formats I Accept:
I accept finished books, ARCs, and e-books that are Kindle compatible. I will not sell ARCs after reading, but with permission I may pass them on to other bloggers or give them away.

Contact Information:
You can contact me at my email address, which is eeyoregirl2009 (at) aol (dot) com. 

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