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BLOG TOUR: Smart But Dead (Aggie Mundeen Mystery #3) by Nancy G. West

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Smart, But Dead
by Nancy G. West

Cozy Mystery

3rd in Aggie Mundeen Mystery Series
Publisher: Henery Press (November 17, 2015)
Paperback: 272 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1943390250
E-Book ASIN: B0147MW9RS

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Skirting forty and appalled by the prospect of descending into middle-age decrepitude, Aggie Mundeen blasts off to the local university to study the genetics of aging. In addition to providing youthful hints for readers of her column, “Stay Young with Aggie,” Aggie is doggedly determined to stay young.
Despite conflicts with her professor, she learns about the Human Genome Project and DNA. When she discovers a dead body, Detective Sam reminds her not to “help” with the investigation. But dangerously curious and programmed to prod, she races to solve the crime, winds up the prime suspect and is on target to become next campus corpse.
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Review: This is my first encounter with this series, and I absolutely fell in love with Aggie. She's pushing forty, and writes a column about staying young. She's taking a class with a professor who claims to have found a way to help people live longer. His theory doesn't work out very well for him, however, as he drops dead after one of his classes. Naturally, Aggie jumps into the investigation, hoping to find out who or what killed the professor.

This is a very fast-paced mystery, and Aggie's curiosity gets her into some very sticky situations. She even manages to get herself thrown in jail along the way. 

There was a lot of technical stuff about science and DNA, which bogged down my reading. I understand that it was important to the story, but it would have been better if it were kept to a minimum. 

I look forward to more of Aggie's adventures in the future.
Rating: Four stars
About the author
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I’ve been writing since age seven: poems back and forth with my mom. I had a real poem published in the Library Journal, Pegasus, at age fifteen. At eighteen, I wanted to study journalism and English literature, but friends who chose that college route were making minimum wage or selling lingerie. Being practical, I earned a business degree. After marriage and two children, I decided I HAD to study literature and write. I wrote non-fiction articles, a biography, and a suspense novel in 2004. That’s when whimsical Aggie Mundeen cut through the suspense, popped into my head and demanded her own series. The Aggie Mundeen mystery capers were born. Aggie must have been right: FIT TO BE DEAD is a LEFTY FINALIST 2013 for best humorous mystery, nominated by Left Coast Crime.

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Nancy G. West said...


Thank you for the Four Star Review! I'm so glad you fell in love with Aggie, because I love writing about her with her determination and shenanigans. You made my Sunday morning even brighter!

Nancy G. West
(and Aggie Mundeen)