Monday, September 21, 2015

Casting Stones by Laurencia Hoffman

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Synopsis: The act of revenge is short-lived. The feeling of regret lasts forever. Avery Stone was a normal guy who never did anything important in his life. After a tragic childhood, he found a family ready and willing to take him in. Though he never really felt that he belonged there, he knew that it was better than being alone. When someone starts murdering random werewolf families Avery finds himself fighting to keep his loved ones safe.

Review: This is a very engaging story about a family of werewolves.  They are fighting for their lives against a serial killer who is targeting werewolf clans.

The book begins with the family gathered to watch a DVD Avery made for them before he died. From there, we go back in time to see what led up to this point. There are complicated family relationships, romance, and murder. 

One of the things I enjoy about this book is that the werewolf aspect isn't the major focus. It's more about the serial killer and the dysfunctional family issues. So even if the paranormal isn't your "thing," you could still find enjoyment in this story.

Rating: Four stars

About the author
 photo 5361626_zpsyvjwhkzz.jpg I was born and raised (with the exception of a few years in Canada) in Michigan. I've had a notebook in my hand since I was old enough to write. Becoming a published author has been a dream of mine for years, and I will continue to write books and hopefully entertain the world of readers.

If you enjoyed Casting Stones, you should have a look at my book published under my other name; Jolene Poole. The book is a sci-fi romance novella titled Star Crossed: Worlds Apart.

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