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BOOK TOUR: The White River Killer by Stephen Wilson

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Title: The White River Killer
Author: Stephen Wilson

Publisher: Stephen Wilson

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Genre: Mystery

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John Riley Hubbard is a young farmer and part-time reporter in a small southern town. After the body of an Arab college student is found near his home, Hubbard reluctantly agrees to cover the grisly story for the local paper. When he discovers there is a surprising link from this crime to his father’s unsolved murder, he becomes obsessed with uncovering the killer’s identity. Since he was a child, Hubbard has been haunted by nightmares and suspicions that his father’s killer may be the man closest to him – his wealthy uncle.

As his investigation progresses, he must face mounting threats from an unseen adversary and managed his growing attraction to Maria, a young Latino woman who might be part of the conspiracy.

The White River Killer is an exciting mixture of mystery, romance, and suspense.
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This debut mystery is very well-written and enjoyable. The characters are all well-developed and realistic. The mystery itself is a true page-turner.

The story takes place in a small town, and the descriptions of the location and the residents are incredibly real, even to someone who grew up in a small town like myself. That is part of what pulls you deeper and deeper into the story, along with wanting to solve the murder mystery.

There is some romance included in the novel, but it never overpowers the main story.

I foresee a great future for this author, and recommend him to anyone who enjoys this genre.

Rating: Four stars

IT WAS THE FLOWER GARDEN THAT DID MARIA IN. Hubbard agreed to till up his mother’s old flower garden that had gone to seed for a new garden. Maria, through Emily’s translation, had requested a fun summertime activity.

Emily was a born salesperson. “It will teach me responsibility if I water it every day. I need that bad.”

The flower garden was followed by an irrigation request for the home’s vegetable garden.

Neither of the planting activities was unusual for a farm. That’s not what drove Hubbard to act. What troubled Hubbard was that Emily now referred to them as Maria’s flower garden and Maria’s vegetables.

There was no time to waste. From his tractor, Hubbard called Mr. Carlos and told him that Maria wasn’t working out. After his obligation at the Tomato Festival, they had to find new work for her. Mr. Carlos didn’t understand the connection between Maria and the annual event, but he reluctantly agreed to look for a new opportunity for the girl.

Hubbard feared he would eventually screw up with her. She was always within arm’s reach and he was too damned attracted to her. Sometimes the pain of his growing desire made him feel like he was burning alive. It made him want to drink to deal with it. That’s why she had to go.

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Stephen Wilson is an American author. His first book was Harvey Couch - An Entrepreneur Brings Electricy to Arkansas, published in 1986 by August House publishers. He also has won awards for his screenplays which have been presented by the Writer's Workshop program at the American Film Institute. His latest work, The White River Killer was developed as part of the Summer Words program at the Aspen Institute.

In addition to writing, he is a marketing and advertising professional.
His latest book is the mystery novel, The White River Killer.
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