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I AM: The Blueprint of Humanity (Book and Study Guide) by Dave Hernandez

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Synopsis: This book is about a journey that starts in the heart and mind of our Trinitarian-God Creator. It’s our adventure, the odyssey of Mankind from Adam to Christ. It’s a voyage both Adam and Christ propose to take you on. It ventures through the dark places of your fallen condition to the pastures of your risen state in Christ. It’s a recovery expedition into your true identity - the original blueprint of every human being that ever existed. The objectif is to clear your pathway so you can find that which mankind has lost - the treasure beyond the valley of the Shadow of Death.

I take on the voices of two main characters who played the most significant roles in the History of Mankind: Adam and Jesus. I do not pretend to speak on their behalf as if I could somehow channel Adam, or prophetically speak as Jesus. It’s not my intent. It’s more of a role play than anything else. I only wanted to make a contrast between the two Adams of History and create a more personable content. I pose them as lecturers, guides, each sharing their role in the vast story of man’s Redemption, each leading you toward finding the lost bounty.

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Synopsis: With this workbook, I’ve tasked myself to summarise the original book into sets of coherent truths or “big ideas” that you can remember and apply in your life.

There are quite a number of them to reflect on and understand, embrace and implement. It’s worth doing this exercise because the goal of "I Am" is to guide you to a place beyond understanding: to your identity and song as Son-of-God. 

If this “journey” has any value to you, it's because you’re seeking lost treasures. Or at least it's your intention! Perhaps you have already found the field that contains the treasure and want to invest yourself into obtaining its contents. 

I encourage you to invite a few friends to join you around the table with drinks and nibbles and to use this “guide” as a conversation primer. You’ll be surprised where these discussions will take you. I bet they’ll spark enthusiasm and fresh insight. It’s always fun to journey in companionship. 

If you prefer to walk alone, that’s okay too, because you will run into fellow travellers along the way too. 

Use this guide as you wish. I can ensure it will enrich the journey into your “I Am!”.

Review: I was intrigued by the idea of this book--the author writing in the voices of Adam and Jesus. After reading it, I was not disappointed. It gives the reader much food for thought, and provides a deeper insight into the Holy Spirit and its power, which is often ignored in church teachings.

The book leads the reader into a new level of intimacy with the entire Trinity. It is not a quick read, but one to be studied and devoured.  While it can be entertaining and engaging, it can also be convicting in places. 

I would recommend this book to every Christian.

Rating: Four stars

About the author
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I was raised and indoctrinated in a denominational stream that had unique views regarding the Godhead and God’s plan of Salvation. The byproduct of their beliefs was a sort of exclusivism that insisted on keeping out of God’s acceptance all people who differ in doctrine. We lived in fear. If we deviated from their dogmas we would lose our salvation. That fear combined with a belief that any slipping away from holiness would ban us from God’s acceptance produced in me a mountain of toxic thoughts about myself and God. I lived in guilt and condemnation.

I'm grateful the leaders and teachers had ingrained in me a love for Scripture and an unshakable faith in God.

Then the unthinkable happened. I fell out of favor. It was one of the most hurtful events in my life. They were my family, and I was banned. But, as I look back today, that event, as hurtful as it was, was one of God’s greatest blessings in my life. It drew me closer to God as my Abba, The Spirit as my teacher and Jesus as my Brother. 

What followed was incredible. They, Elohim, began to shape me. They started by a total dismantling of everything I was and believed. Slowly they became my family. Father, Son and Holy Spirit gradually reconstructed me into a Son-of-God.

The process took over 18 years. During that time, I died to everything I was. I found myself in a cocoon. I pushed boundaries. Sometimes I went off on tangents into dead ends. I often moved forward on tiptoes venturing into the unknown. With doubts and hesitations, I moved forward. Slowly I came back to life as They reassembled me revelation after revelation. God showed me how much I was loved. He removed the guilt and condemnation. Abba taught me Sonship. The Holy Spirit infiltrated deep into the hidden parts of my innermost being, and cleansed me by the washing of the Word. Elohim placed within me a clarity that I cannot contain anymore. I have to let the world know the Good News!

These books are the outcome of that process. 

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