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BOOK TOUR AND GIVEAWAY: Deep Fried And Pickled (Rachel O'Brien Chronicles #1) by Paisley Ray

Book Information
  • Series: The Rachael O'Brien Chronicles
  • Paperback: 414 pages
  • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (October 8, 2014)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1500685046
  • ISBN-13: 978-1500685041

Paisley Ray books are not your typical fiction. A young woman's plan for an art history degree turns into an outrageous series of misadventures in this laugh-out-loud romp about a girl who enrolls in a southern college during the height of the crazy era that was the 1980’s. This collection crosses genres of chick lit, mystery, romance, humor, and action with the possibility of a corpse or two. To date there are 8 novels in this humorous romantic misadventure mystery series with book #9 due to release spring of 2016.

It’s ’86, the era of Pop Rocks, Jelly shoes, and big hair rock bands. Rachael O'Brien's freshman plan seems simple: Attend a southern college, earn a degree, party, and meet cute guys—hopefully acing the latter two.

But being threatened by a jealous She-Devil, avoiding the advances of a thirty-something redneck, and discovering an art fraud scheme thwart her “to do” list. On top of her troubles at school, Rachael finds herself forging a new relationship with her emotionally shaken father after Mom abandons the family to pursue a psychic calling.

Bad decision-making, law-bending behavior, and surprise romances make freshman year memorable in Paisley Ray’s DEEP FRIED AND PICKLED.

"I often get asked by readers what order THE RACHAEL O'BRIEN CHRONICLES books should be read in. Each book can be read without any prior knowledge of any of the others. That said, some readers do want to follow a chronological list of events in Rachael's southern fried, 80's college life antics so here it is"..... 
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Review:  This was my first experience with this writer, and I must say that I was disappointed.  The premise of the series held promise, particularly for me, as the main character is from Ohio (like me) and is in college in the 80s (also like me). Granted, she is going to college in the South, while I stayed in the Buckeye State, but I presumed I would still enjoy the story and feel some connection to her.

First of all, it seemed that Rachel and her "friends" (more on them later) were more interested in parties, drugs, alcohol and sex than in getting their education. And those activities even overshadowed the mystery of the art fraud. 

As for the "friends," I was turned off by the way they treated her throughout the book. People who take you somewhere you've never been before and then basically ditch you, on more than one or two occasions, are not your friends. Rachel needs to wise up and move on.

And then there were the spelling and grammar errors. As a former teacher, those had me cringing throughout the entire book. "Loose" and "lose" mean two different things, and are not interchangeable. And the phrase is "eau de cologne"  NOT "ode de cologne"!  

It is an easy read, and it gave me a few laughs, but I won't be reading any further in the series.

**I received this book to review through Beck Valley Books Book Tours, all the opinions above are 100% my own.**

Rating:  Three stars. It's entertaining, but not fabulous. 

"Being a Southern girl and child of the 80s myself, I enjoyed the characters, the setting and the period references. Good plot without being too serious or watered down."

"This fun and quirky mystery was very nostalgic for me as I got to relive the eighties through Rachael."

"An entertaining read. Fresh new characters and some zany plot twists kept me reading late into the night."
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About the Author

Born and raised in rural Pennsylvania, Paisley Ray, a steelworker's daughter spent summer breaks with relatives on the Carolina shores. It didn't take long for a love of southern to become rooted in her veins, and years later, yield the setting for her novels. Most days, Paisley can be found crafting the antics for the newest book in THE RACHAEL O'BRIEN CHRONICLES. 

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Sharon Martin said...

Oh I'm so sorry this one didn't connect with you x

Kim Amundsen said...

Bad memories for the 80's for me.