Monday, September 8, 2014

The Book Stops Here, by Kate Carlisle

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Synopsis: Brooklyn Wainwright is thrilled to be appearing on the hit TV show This Old Attic as a rare-book expert. Her first subject is a very valuable first-edition copy The Secret Garden. Its owner, Vera, is eager to have Brooklyn recondition it for resale. But a furious man viciously accosts Brooklyn, claiming that Vera found the first edition at his garage sale, and he wants it back - or else. Randolph Rayburn, the handsome host of This Old Attic, is terrified by the man s threats. He confides in Brooklyn that he fears he is being stalked. In the days that follow, Brooklyn visits Vera s flower shop and discovers her dead. Brooklyn had better find the clever killer soon or more than her chance at prime time may be canceled permanently.

Thoughts: This book was better, to me, than the last two in the series. There was something less annoying about Brooklyn this time, although I couldn't put my finger on it. There was plenty of action, both in the main plot and in the subplots. All of the supporting characters are again well-written and enjoyable. There is plenty of humor, as usual, so that the suspense doesn't get overwhelming.

Rating: Four stars

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