Thursday, September 11, 2014

An Inconvenient Year by Yvonne Joye

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Synopsis:  It is a book that deals with the social side of cancer, as a parent, a lover and a friend. It is a story of coping with uncertainty, the reactions of others and living with them too. It documents the total shock and utter fear that a diagnosis brings and the hopelessness of surrendering to a treatment that brings its own baggage yet ultimately insures life. It talks about confronting hair loss along with discovering the more covert assault on all things feminine. Yet at the very root of the book, ahead of the fear and anger, there is humour and laughter. Though the story of cancer has been told before, it has not been told like this.

Thoughts: This book really resonated with much of it could have been my own story from 2013. Finding out that the lump you kept telling yourself was nothing was breast cancer, dealing with chemo and the side effects,radiation and the side effects,surgery,recovery, etc.---and still trying to lead a "normal" life and convince the rest of the world that everything is "fine."

I've read several books by cancer survivors, but this one is the one I've found to be the most realistic, with all the raw emotions you feel but can't always express.

I am going to be recommending this book to anyone I know who is a survivor, a fighter, or a caregiver.
Rating: Five stars

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