Sunday, August 30, 2015

Surface by Stacy Robinson

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Synopsis: In this powerfully written and insightful novel, author Stacy Robinson explores the consequences of flawed choices, the complex nature of betrayal and forgiveness--and the intriguing possibility of second acts. . . Claire Montgomery has a lifetime of sensible decisions behind her. Yet all it takes is one impulsive indiscretion to bring everything crashing down--her marriage to a wealthy entrepreneur, her status as half of one of Denver society's power couples, and the future she dreamed of for their seventeen-year-old son, Nick. Claire's husband, Michael, angrily blames her for the recklessness that has left Nick's life in the balance, though not nearly as much as Claire blames herself. But as Nick struggles to move forward, Claire too begins inching toward a reimagined future. Along with a fresh perspective come new questions. Are there other reasons for her fractured relationship and Michael's increasingly erratic behavior? Has he, too, been harboring painful secrets? And does Claire dare to find the real truth, when her seamlessly decorated world of privilege and security is at stake?

Review: This book actually holds two very moving stories: the recovery and rehab of young Nick, and the ending of the marriage of his parents, Claire and Michael.  

I was never able to like Michael in the slightest...he was a HUGE jerk. Claire was originally naive and in denial, expecting life to be exactly the same as it had been before her "indiscretion." As the story went on, however, I was impressed with her growth and strength.  Nick was determined, and even when he had troubles with his recovery, he never gave up.

The story is very well written, and flows well. The beginning of the book is a little slow, but once it picked up I didn't want to put it down. The main point of the story, to me, is that our actions have consequences, which may be further reaching than we realize.

Rating: Five stars

About the author
 photo 8327419_zpses57wz0h.jpg Stacy graduated with a BA degree in International Relations from Stanford University, and after satisfying her wanderlust with a three-year consulting and teaching stint in Japan, she returned to her hometown of Los Angeles to continue her career in international marketing. A happy twist of fate brought her to Denver, where she had kids and drifted back into the work she loves most – writing. Stacy is a lover of live music, clever lyrics, and the occasional cycling trip - and enjoys the Mile High city and nearby mountains with her husband, three children and chocolate Labrador non-Retriever, Jagger.

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