Monday, June 1, 2015

2015 Ebook Challenge: May Update

Here are the ebooks I read in May:

1) The Battered Body by Ellery Adams

2) Changes by Gillian Felix

3) Murder So Sweet by Carol Durand and Summer Prescott

4) How To Think Bigger by Martin Meadow

5) Redeem This by Cami Checketts

6) Beyond A Doubt by Nancy Cole Silverman

7) A Mother's Day (A Short Story) by Kaira Rouda

8) Charade by Kristy Douglas

9) The Genesis Reversal by Jillian Cornell

10) Liar's Bench by Kim Michele Richardson

11) Soul Surrender by Kathi Daley

12) A Fine Piece Of Chocolate by Jacqueline R. Banks

13) Eighty And Out by Kim Cano

14) Voices by Clarissa Johal

15) Antique Discovery by Eileen Harris

16) Confession Is Murder by Peg Cochran

17) Booker: Hate City by John W. Mefford

18) Chef Maurice and the Rather Fishy Tale by J.A. Lang

19) Chef Maurice and a Spot of Truffle by J.A. Lang

20) Under Color Of Law by Sylvie Fox

21) Ice Cream and Murder, Book 1 by Jennifer Martin

22) Recipes For Melissa by Teresa Driscoll

And a link to ALL my ebooks for this year: 2015 ebook Challenge  (85 to date)

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Diane Coto said...

Don't recognize any of these. Hope they were all good! :)
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