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REVIEW AND CHARACTER INTERVIEW: Emily (Skipping Stones Book 1) by Jasmine Lee

Title: Emily
Series: Skipping Stones: Book 1
Author: Jasmine Lee
Genre: Contemporary, Erotic
Release Date: June 9, 2015

Cover Design: Sheri McGathy

Photographer: Tabitha Patterson

 I thought I was in love, I thought I was happy, I thought everything was perfect.

But then I found out my husband of six years was having an affair. I knew it had to be a dream, but it wasn’t. So now I’m left at square one, only now I’m a single mom also.

Dating isn’t easy but its especially not easy for a single mom of twin boys, with a soon to be ex-husband who’s still around. I mean what else could happen?

Throw in a hot prison guard and my ex-husband the mechanic and you have a whole mess of problems, and its only Monday!

What am I’m supposed to do?

**Will be a 2 book series.**

I was torn on how to review/rate this book, so I decided to break it into two separate parts, the story vs. the editing.

As far as the story goes, I was drawn in from the beginning. There was something about Emily that reminded me of myself in my younger days. She seems to feel that she needs a man in her life in order to be worth something, and at times she is willing to accept any man who comes along, no matter how he treats her. She seems to have a knack for picking men who are either cheating on her or with her, so I hope that in the second book she will find happiness with herself so that she can find a man who deserves her love.

When it comes to the editing of the book, however, someone really missed the mark. There were run-on sentences, sentence fragments, spelling errors, words misused, etc. As a former teacher, I was sorely tempted to pull out my red pen and do my own edits on the entire book.

Story: Four stars
Editing: Zero stars
Overall: Two stars


1) What impression do you make on people when they first meet you? How about after they've known you for a while?
That I’m somewhat chaotic but as you get to know me and I mean really know me you see that I’m quiet and down to earth. I’ve certainly matured since the beginning of my story until now.

2) Do you think you've turned out the way your parents expected? Why or why not?

lol...Does anyone ever turn out the way their parents expect? In all honesty I think I did the best I could. I mean I got pregnant right out of High School and married Conner while pregnant. I never really got to be young I had to grow up fast. But then all that happened and I guess one could say I went a little nuts. But I don't think there's a rule book on how to deal with your husband cheating on you.

3) What are you most afraid of?
Disappointing my sons.

4) What would you like it to say on your tombstone?
I’m good with the usual date of birth, date of death and name...I’m simple. lol

5) What would you most like people to know about you that they don't?
That I hope they don’t judge me to harshly for my actions in ‘Emily’ as I had to grow and mature and I do believe they will be somewhat surprised when they read the rest of my story in ‘Unexpected’. Cause they’ll realize I’m more down to earth than they think.

Unexpected (Skipping Stones: Book 2)
Release Date: TBD
In Emily you got part of my story. But now in Unexpected you get the rest of it.

True, it doesn't go the way I planned and I don't end up with man I had planned on. But then again, that's why they say to 'expect the unexpected.'
Blurb will be updated as the story progress'

Emily (Skipping Stones: Book 1)

“Please tell me you’re not seeing each other.” He says as he locks eyes with me.

I swallow wrapping my arms around myself not understanding his reaction. “No we’re just hanging out, that’s all.”

I watch as his shoulders fall and then he surprises me by quickly closing the distance between us, grabbing my waist and the back of my neck. Before I can even begin to understand what’s happening his mouth is on mine and his tongue is pushing between my lips seeking my own. And for just a moment I let myself fall into the familiar warmth and comfort I’ve always found in his embrace. I surrender to his will kissing him back, his familiar taste invading my mouth and overtaking my senses. But the noise of a child hollering brings reality crashing back on me, and I push my way out of his embrace breaking the kiss.

I stand there and stare him in the eyes as so many emotions threaten to break the surface, with a trembling hand I cover my mouth as I shake my head back and forth.

“That shouldn’t have happened,” I whisper. Remembering how easy it was too lose myself in his arms.

He frowns and I can tell he’s frustrated with the whole situation as he runs his hands through his hair covering his face as he lets out a muffled scream.

“Emily…please I think…no, I mean I know I screwed up. I should have never let you go and I’m sorry."

About The Author:
Hey everyone, (Waves)

Well lets see, I could tell ya a grand story full of A-list celebrities but lets face it, that only happens in books. I'm married and have two kiddos a son who is a avid baseball player and a daughter who is very passionate about horses. I was born and raised in a small country town in Deep East Texas. Not playing the POP is like 300 people!! I love writing/reading and taking pictures. All 3 have been long time hobbies of mine.


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“It will have you laughing and crying throughout the story.”
"Unconditional love...True meaning of soul mates.”
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Diane Coto said...

Oops! 2-stars. Also, if I'm understanding correctly, it seems like book 1 is incomplete without book 2. I'm not a fan of books that leave the reader hanging.
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Jasmine Lee said...

Thank you :D