Sunday, January 11, 2015

Murder Tightly Knit (Amish Village Mystery #2), by Vannetta Chapman

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Synopsis: When a local Amish man is found dead, the Middlebury Amish Artisan Village comes under suspicion. Two amateur sleuths---one Amish, one English---will have to work quickly to keep fear from dividing their community. As fall blankets the Pumpkinvine Trail with leaves of brown, gold, and orange, a local Amish man is found dead on the path. The only clues to the murderer's identity point in two very different directions---toward the local survivalist group and toward the Amish Village---specifically the village's knitting shop, The Cat's Meow. The police call in a federal investigator, and he quickly puts everyone on the suspect list. Amber Wright and Hannah Troyer know who isn't guilty---they know this community down to the last buggy, but can find the guilty party before someone else is in danger? While Hannah helps Amber solve the mystery, she and Jesse Miller continue courting. But when Jesse's prodigal brother returns to their farm, Jesse becomes distracted by family troubles. He and Hannah will have to overcome the tension in order to keep their relationship alive. And Amber and Hannah will need to work quickly to solve the murder mystery and bring harmony back to the Amish community.

Thoughts:  Another great mystery from Vannetta Chapman. The book begins with a murder, described from the point of view of the victim, without revealing the identity of the murderer. Of course, that means Amber and Hannah are back on the case, looking for the answers to their questions.

We get another look into Amish culture and traditions, especially around the viewing and funeral when a death occurs. We are also given a glimpse into the sometimes tense relationship between Amish and Englisch in social situations.

There are many troubled family relationships discussed in the course of the story, and I found myself hoping for positive resolution for all of them.

It was nice to see Amber and Tate as a happily married couple--and by the end of the book, there are TWO more weddings being planned.

Now I can hardly wait for June, so I can read "Murder Freshly Baked."

**I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review**

My rating: Four stars

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