Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Confessions Of A Teenage Rape Survivor by Holly Dae

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Synopsis: Before she was raped, almost sixteen-year-old Allison Sommer knew exactly what she wanted and was in total control of her life. Get through high school, go to college to appease her dad, somehow stay fit, lithe, and athletic through all the stress and become a professional cheerleader. Normal teenage stuff. Simple. At least it was simple before she was raped.

Now Allison's whole life is out of her control. She can't trust in her own choices, can't rationalize anything anymore, so she just goes through the motions, hoping that eventually she'll go back to normal, can stop pretending. That doesn't happen, especially when she's forced to reveal what happened to her family and closest friends.

On the MTV commercials and reality shows that emphasize that she has nothing to be ashamed of and guide viewers to some website like don't-be-a-victim.comand a support hotline, no one warns her that the aftermath is more difficult than the rape itself, that her family's efforts to be supportive make her feel more alone and confused. 

And being raped has more devastating consequences than Allison ever imagined, forcing her to make one of the most difficult decisions she's ever had to make. It should be a no-brainer, everyone says, but being raped makes Allison question everything and everyone she thought she could trust.

Either way, Allison won't let anyone force her to do anything again, not like her rapists did, even if it makes her already difficult enough circumstance more difficult. Uncensored and unflinchingly honest, these are the confessions of a teenage rape survivor.

Thoughts: **I was given a copy of this book by the author in return for an honest review**

Easily my favorite book of this year so far! The emotions of the main character were so raw and believable, as were the reactions of all those around her---before they knew she had been raped and afterwards,as they all had their own opinions about the decisions she was making. 

At times I was so wrapped up in the emotion of the story, it was more like reading a memoir than a novel. I cried for the main character more than once, and just wanted to reach out and hug her SO many times---while at the same time wanting to smack a few of the other characters for their treatment of her.

I would highly recommend this to teens and parents alike.

Rating: Five stars

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