Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Zombie-Kids by Julia Dweck

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Synopsis: The Zombie-Kids have arrived in this original bestselling title ranked #1 among Amazon's Bestsellers in Children's Color Picture Books and hand selected by the editors at Amazon for the prestigious, "Kindle Daily Deal." Don't miss out on this hilarious bestselling adventure that put Zombie-Kids on the map to rave customer reviews. 

Did you know that zombies are people that have feelings, too? They like to be loved just like me and like you. Join the zombie-kids as they bowl, dance, skate, and go to the movies in their unique zombie-way. You'll have an eerily good time. 

And don't miss the sequel, Zombie Kids Go Green, also available on Kindle store

Thoughts: A great book for the Halloween season, or any other time of year. Aside from being about zombies, it also teaches tolerance and acceptance of those different from you, as in this verse:

Zombies are people 
  that have feelings too
They like to be loved
  just like me and like you.

As with Dweck's other books, the rhymes are very easy to read, and lots of fun. She works with fabulous illustrators, and this time is no exception. I plan to share this book with my grandson in the near future, and I'm sure he will enjoy it as much as I have.

My rating: Five stars

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