Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jump by Julia Dweck

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Synopsis: Jack’s little heart began to thump, 
As he prepared to take a jump. 
He swung around and then he flexed. 
His thousandth jump was coming next. 

Then tightening his coils, he sank, 
And listened to the music crank. 
He sprung out free, no longer trapped. 
His rusty spring broke loose and SNAPPED! 

What’s a Jack-in-the-box without his home? Poor Jack has never jumped out of anything before, but his worn out box. Can Barker, the neighborhood dog, prove to Jack that there are many more exciting jumps outside in the great, big world? Young readers will find lots of giggles in the rhyming text and wondrous jumps that Barker and Jack discover together. The full screen art by illustrator, Brian Allen, positively leaps off the page. The author, Julia Dweck, has done a wonderful job of weaving in the subtle message that it’s important to believe in yourself and to think outside of the box in order to realize life’s wondrous possibilities. This bouncy tale from Sleepy Sheep Productions will leave young readers jumping for joy! Leveled for young readers ages 4 – 8, but relevant to readers of all ages. 

Thoughts: **I received a copy of this book from the author in return for an honest review.**

A great story for teaching young children to think outside the box, literally and figuratively. Easy to read rhyming story with big bold illustrations on each page. Jack and Barker have great adventures in jumping which will leave kids smiling and laughing. I especially loved the words on the last page.

And so the two friends hopped away.
The moral is quite clear, I'd say.
To think outside the box, you must
First take a leap of faith and trust!

My rating: Five stars

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