Thursday, October 23, 2014

What Really Happened: John Edwards, Our Daughter, And Me, by Rielle Hunter

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Synopsis: The John Edwards-Rielle Hunter affair made headlines for years. The story has been reported, distorted, and spun over and over again by the media, by political aides, by the US government, and by supposed friends. There is, however, someone who actually knows the truth, someone who lived it from day one: Rielle Hunter. Here, Hunter offers an extremely personal account of her relationship with Edwards: how they met, how their accidental love started and escalated, what it was like to fall in love with a married man who decided to run for president, the surprise of becoming pregnant during the campaign, how the affair became public, the extensive cover-up, and what happened in the years after Edwards publicly admitted to being the father of their daughter. This book doesn't spin the truth to achieve a prettier picture or a better story. It isn't about changing anyone's mind. It's simply the facts, the truth of what really happened.

Thoughts: I was hoping for something a little more from this book. What I got was a book written by a narcissistic, delusional, arrogant woman. She claims not to be a gold-digger, but throughout the book she talks about telling this guy or that one "I need a place to live, I need money for expenses, I need a car" and immediately having her needs met. Whatever happened to getting a job and working for your money? 

And the way she talks about Elizabeth Edwards is VERY harsh. The behavior she describes may or may not be the truth, but describing it in such detail makes Hunter seem vindictive and like the typical mistress, sure that she is SO much better than the wife.

Hunter's writing style is also lacking. She writes in a way that makes her come across as a love-sick teenager, not a forty year old woman who should be more mature.

Glad I borrowed this audiobook from the library and didn't actually PAY for it!!

My rating: One star

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