Saturday, June 28, 2014

One Book In The Grave (Bibliophile Mystery #5), Kate Carlisle

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Synopsis: Brooklyn's chance to restore a rare first edition of "Beauty and the Beast" seems a fairy tale come true-until she realizes the book last belonged to an old friend of hers. Ten years ago, Max Adams fell in love with a stunning beauty, Emily, and gave her the copy of "Beauty and the Beast" as a symbol of their love. Soon afterward, he died in a car crash, and Brooklyn has always suspected his possessive ex-girlfriend and her jealous beau.
Now she decided to find out who sold the book and return it to its rightful owner-Emily. With the help of her handsome boyfriend, Derek Stone, Brooklyn must unravel a murder plot-before she ends up in a plot herself.
Thoughts: Brooklyn gets herself and her family in the midst of yet another murder. This time, however, Brooklyn doesn't seem as scattered and is nearly domesticated. Her relationship with Derek is maturing, as is her character. The confrontation with the killer was one of my favorite scenes of the entire book. Already have the next three books in the series in my audiobook TBR lineup.

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