Thursday, May 28, 2015

Chef Maurice and a Spot of Truffle by J.A. Lang

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Synopsis: First book in a series of British culinary mysteries.

“They say one should never trust a thin chef. By this measure, Chef Maurice was very trustworthy indeed.”

It’s autumn in the Cotswolds, and Chef Maurice is facing a problem of mushrooming proportion.

Not only has his wild herb and mushroom supplier, Ollie Meadows, missed his weekly delivery—he’s missing vital signs too, when he turns up dead in the woods near Beakley village.

Soon, Chef Maurice is up to his nose in some seriously rotten business—complete with threatening notes, a pignapping, and an extremely well-catered stake-out.

Can he solve Ollie’s murder before his home-made investigation brings the killer out for second helpings?

Thoughts: A new cozy mystery series set in England. Lots of humor, and a very engrossing murder mystery. I loved the nods toward other mystery character mentions a Belgian man who asked a lot of questions, and Chef Maurice gathers all the suspects for a dinner where he methodically explains why each one couldn't be the murderer--except, of course, for the one who IS the murderer.

There is also a blossoming romance which I hope we will see more of in future books...and I also hope that Hamilton (the truffle pig) will continue to be a part of the series.

Rating: Four stars

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Diane Coto said...

Sounds like you really enjoyed all of your reads this time. That's really good. I love it when I get into a pattern of 4's and 5's. :)
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