Monday, July 14, 2014

It's Monday! What Are You Reading?

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What I read last week:
1) Hearse and Buggy, by Laura Bradford
2) The Boleyn King, by Laura Andersen
3) The C List: Chemotherapy, Clinics and Cupcakes; How I Survived Colon Cancer, by Rachel Bown

What I listened to last week:
1) Hexes and Hemlines, by Juliet Blackwell
2) Behind The Scenes In The Lincoln White House, by Elizabeth Keckley
3) Peter, Paul and Mary Magdalene: The Followers Of Jesus, by Bart D. Ehrman
4) If I Did It, O.J. Simpson
5) Tarnished and Torn, by Juliet Blackwell

What I'm currently reading:
1) Pies and Prejudice, by Ellery Adams
2) The Boleyn Deceit, by Laura Andersen
3) Elizabeth The First Wife, by Lian Dolan

What I'm currently listening to:
1) A Vision In Velvet, by Juliet Blackwell

What I plan to read this week:
1) The Diva Frosts A Cupcake, by Krista Davis
2) That Night, by Chevy Stevens
3) Because It Is My Blood,  by Gabrielle Zeven

What I plan to listen to this week:
1) Erasing Hell, by Francis Chan
2) Bowled Over, Victoria Hamilton
3) How I Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder, by Mark Gilbert
4) A Brew To A Kill, by Cleo Coyle
5) Murder In Brentwood, Mark Fuhrman

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