Wednesday, July 2, 2014

A Cast Off Coven (A Witchcraft Mystery #2), Juliet Blackwell

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Synopsis: Students are spooked at the San Francisco School of Fine Arts, and Lily is called in to search for possible paranormal activity. In return she's been promised a trunkful of Victorian-era clothes recently discovered in a school storage closet.

But Lily finds something else: the body of a wealthy patron of the school. In between running the store and seeing her new boyfriend, Max—a "mythbuster" who is uncomfortable with her witchcraft—she uses her sleuthing skills to try to solve the murder. Soon Lily senses something from the school's vintage clothes, but it's not the smell of mothballs—it's the unmistakable aura of evil intent.

Thoughts:  Murder, ghosts, and demons....not exactly conducive to learning, even at a school of fine arts. But Ms. Blackwell writes about them in such a way that most of the book left me smiling---except for a couple of really creepy scenes.  Lily's familiar, Oscar, is starting to grow on me, especially in his gobgoyle form (half goblin, half gargoyle)--his potbellied pig form is, naturally, mute.  Max and Lily are getting closer, which is fascinating to follow, sinee he doesn't believe in anything supernatural.

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