Monday, September 19, 2016

What Fresh Smell by Jeffrey Marks

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Synopsis: There's Murder in River City - Daycare that is. When Marissa learns that a teacher at the daycare center has been murdered, she comes to the realization that she really didn't know much about the people who worked there, especially the murdered woman. She'll now have to manage her son, her mother and an ex-boyfriend as she tries to hunt down the people behind a robbery ring and the person who killed a daycare teacher. If she's not careful, she might meet the same fate.

Review: This is a new to me author and series, and now I definitely want to go back and start it from the beginning. I enjoy reading books/series that are about my area, and these take place in Cincinnati, which is not far from me, and which I know fairly well geographically.

Marissa Scott is a fun main character. She works in the cosmetics department of a large department store, is a single mother, and has a former boyfriend who is on the police force. When one of the teachers at her son's daycare is murdered, she is shocked to find out the teacher had a connection to someone in HER life. Then she and her best friend start to realize that random break-ins around the area might also have some connection to the daycare and the murder, so they are determined to solve the case before anything else happens.

The plot plays out very well, and left me totally shocked at who was behind all the crimes and why. I love the humor that is injected into the story as well. Some of Marissa's actions were a little unbelievable at times, but I was able to overlook that and continue with the story.  I hope there will be another installment in this series soon--and in the meantime, I'll be checking my library for the previous books!

Rating: Four stars

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