Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Hippity Hoppity Homicide (Zoe Donovan Mystery #28) by Kathi Daley

Book Information
Genre: Cozy Mystery

  • Series: Zoe Donovan Cozy Mystery

    • Paperback: 186 pages
    • Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 26, 2018)
    • Language: English
    • ISBN-10: 1984950320
    • ISBN-13: 978-1984950321

    Synopsis: With Easter only a week away, Zoe is pulled into a dangerous game after Zak is kidnapped and the person who kidnapped him, a rival from the past, challenges Zoe to a game referred to as The Sleuthing Game. Zoe is told that the only way to gain Zak's freedom is to not only play the game but to complete all the challenges in the time allotted. If she fails, Zak will die. Zoe had promised herself that she would retire from sleuthing now that she had an infant to care for and protect, but the stakes are high, so she leaves the kids with Ellie while she and Levi set out to conquer the game. Along the way, they get help from old friends who want to ensure that Zak is returned home safely to his family.

    Review: This series takes a slightly darker turn in this book, at least in the first half. The tension runs high as Zoe and company try to solve a variety of tasks in time to save Zak's life. I found myself holding my breath at times, wondering how the tasks would play out.

    The second half of the story is more of a typical Zoe mystery as they try to determine who kidnapped Zak and why. Zoe is learning to spend more time on the sidelines of investigations, letting others take the lead, and we get to witness how she struggles with that new role. And even without trying to investigate, she still manages to get herself in trouble.

    With Eli and Catherine as part of the mix these days (as well as Ellie's surprise announcement in this book), there is no doubt these families will continue to have amazing adventures together for a long time to come.

    Rating: Five stars

    About the author
    91 DWAjd WBj L SY200Kathi lives with her husband, kids, grandkids, and dogs in beautiful Lake Tahoe. When she isn't writing, Kathi likes to read (preferably at the beach or by the fire), cook (preferably something with chocolate or cheese,) and garden (planting and planning not weeding). She also enjoys spending time on the water when she's not hiking, biking, or snowshoeing, the miles of desolate trails surrounding her home. 
    Kathi uses the mountain setting in which she lives, along with the animals (wild and domestic) that share her home, as inspiration for her cozy mysteries. 

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