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BOOK TOUR AND GIVEAWAY: Divinely Yours by Karin Gillespie

Divinely Yours by Karin Gillespie

Women's Fiction/Humor 
Henery Press (September 26, 2017) 
Paperback: 268 pages 
ISBN-13: 978-1635112634 
E-Book - ASIN: B073GB1J29
Skye Sebring is a hospitality greeter inside the pearly gates of an unorthodox Heaven, where carefree and lusty angels get tipsy in the Live A Little Lounge, practice cloud art, and are guided by a brassy female deity who sounds and looks like Bette Midler. During the course of her duties, Skye meets lawyer Ryan Blaine, who has a brush with death due to a motorcycle accident.
It’s not Ryan’s time to die yet, so he returns back to Earth, but Skye can’t get him out of her mind. Why does Ryan seem so familiar to her and why does she feel an unexplainable attraction to him? She begins spying on Ryan’s life from her perch in heaven and even manages to follow him down to Earth. There she finds a world very different than Heaven, where drinking too much champagne results in hangovers, roses can prick fingers, and hearts are capable of being broken. All seems lost until she remembers that most of life's lessons can be learned from the lyrics of five Beatles songs and one of the Fab Four’s songs might actually help win her the love of a lifetime.
Divinely Yours is a celestial romantic comedy about a love that crosses all dimensions.

Review: This is a fun read, with a lot of emotional scenes. It seems a pretty straightforward story in the beginning, of a greeter in Heaven who meets someone in her office who then gets returned to Earth as it is not his time. Skye, the greeter, then gets a little obsessed with Ryan and watches him on Earthly Pleasures TV at every opportunity. At the same time, she is helping a teen girl, Chelsea, get acclimated to Heaven after her skateboarding accident.

We also meet Ryan's wife, Susan, as well as several residents of a nursing home, including Emily, who has been in a coma for over a year and is beginning to wake up.

I love the way Ms. Gillespie ties all of these stories together for us and makes us care about so many of the characters. There are humorous exchanges between the characters in Heaven and heartbreaking ones between the characters on Earth. There is also a character or two that you will love to hate!

If you enjoy love stories with a touch of the paranormal, this is a definite must read!

Rating: Four stars

About The Author

Karin Gillespie is the national-bestselling novelist and has also written for the New York TimesWashington Post and Writer Magazine. She has an MFA from Converse College and lives in Augusta, Georgia and is a recipient of a Georgia Author of the Year award.

Visit her on her web site, her FB page or on Twitter. She is also on Good Reads.

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