Thursday, May 29, 2014

Fifty Shames Of Earl Grey, by Fanny Merkin

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Synopsis: Young arrogant tycoon Earl Grey seduces the naive coed Anna Steal with his overpowering good looks and staggering amounts of money, but will she be able to get past his fifty shames, including shopping at Walmart on Saturdays, bondage with handcuffs, and his love of BDSM (Bards, Dragons, Sorcery and Magick)?  Or will his dark secrets and constant smirking drive her over the edge?

Thoughts: A HILARIOUS parody of the Fifty Shades books! Earl buys Walmart so Anna can leave work early to go out with him, drains the Pacific Ocean to save her when the car she is goes over a ravine (and then fills it back up again once she is safe).  Anna is not the brightest coed on the block, which leads to some interesting conversations between the two of them. I laughed through the entire book, and may have to buy a copy so I can use it to cheer me up on down days!

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