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BLOG TOUR: Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer by G. J. Barnes @fayerogersuk @authoright @scampyd #ScampyDoodle

Title: Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer

Author: G J Barnes
Illustrator: Chris Sorensen
Release Date: 4th December 2017
Genre: Picture Book
Page Count: 24
Publisher: Clink Street Publishing

Synopsis: Scampy Doodle is a happy go lucky black dog who has a strong nose for adventure.
It's Christmas Eve and Scampy Doodle is fast asleep when he is woken by a strange noise coming from the chimney. Discover what happens when he goes to investigate and gets the greatest surprise of his life!

Review: This is an adorable Christmas story. Scampy Doodle is a lovable dog who helps his best friend Jemima (a human) get ready for Christmas. After they decorate and set out treats for Santa, it's time to sleep. Scampy Doodle wakes up in the middle of the night when he hears a strange noise. Father Christmas and the reindeer are having some issues, so Scampy Doodle tries to help them out. You'll have to read the book to see how it all turns out.

This story has a wonderful lesson about helping others and being selfless. Some of the customs described in the book will be unfamiliar to children in the US, but they are accurate for other parts of the world. It might be a good opportunity to learn about Christmas customs in other countries.

If you're looking for a new book to add to your Christmas traditions, Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer would be an excellent choice!

Rating: Five stars

About the author
Georgina-Chapman As my daughter got older we used to (and still do) tell each other stories in the car about our family dog Scamp. Scamp had been neglected as a puppy and was rescued by my parents and became our family pet.

He was a little bit crazy (he used to try and get up on the table to lick up crumbs after a meal) but he was always happy to see you and always there for a cuddle whenever anyone needed one.

In many ways he was more like a human being, standing up on his back legs, drinking cups of tea out of a cup off the coffee table.

So I decided to write some of our stories down to share with others, the first one being Scampy Doodle and the Reindeer.


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