Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Love, Secrets and Absolution by K.L. Lovely


Genre: Family life, coming of age
Paperback: 280 pages

  • Publisher: Globeflower Books (November 1, 2017)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 1999829409
  • ISBN-13: 978-1999829407

Synopsis: People in the village gossip about Grace’s son, Alfie. 

He’s a lonely boy full of secrets, lies, and obsessive thoughts. 

How far can a mother’s love go? Will she ultimately sacrifice her life for his? 

Set in Nottinghamshire, this family drama follows the lives of Grace and Alfie as he transforms from a naïve, young boy into a teenager spiraling out of control. 

Love, Secrets, and Absolution is a coming of age story with a difference. 

Deceit, betrayal, love, and addiction, a family falling apart in the midst of teenage angst and torn loyalties; will anybody find absolution? 

Review: This book is the story of a family of a child with Asperberger's Syndrome. Although we don't learn exactly what makes Alfie so different until he is a college student, I had a strong suspicion much sooner based on his behaviors and his feelings.

The book has chapters from the point of view of Grace (the mother), Alfie (the child) and Paul (the father). I loved the chapters from Alfie's point of view as an infant and toddler--they were definitely a new perspective on things.

Reading all the challenges this family went through over the years and seeing how each of them dealt with those challenges (too much trying to keep things from the others, in my opinion!), was a deeply emotional experience. 

The ending is very realistic, giving the reader hope for Alfie's future without tying everything up in a neat little bow.

I received an ARC of this work from the author and publisher, with no expectation of a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

Rating: Five stars

About the author
16289732 K.L Loveley is an exciting new author whose debut novel, ‘Alice’ was published in February 2017. Her love of writing began with a gift of a five-year lockup diary at the age of seven and she has never stopped writing since. In addition to writing novels, the author writes poetry and will be sharing some of these on her blog.
She lives with her husband in a quaint village in Nottinghamshire and enjoys walking and cycling in the famous Sherwood Forest. The author and her husband own a narrowboat and spend time navigating the British waterways. She spends many cozy evenings on her boat writing additional novels which will be released in the future.

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